About. Why That’s My GF.

Hello All. Hope you are liking my Blog, and thank you for taking the time to actually click on the About page link and for your interest in hearing why this site exists. More specifically, why the hell I named it That’s MY GF.

Well, here we go. I’ve always been a fan of homemade amateur Porn. Always hated how ‘fake’ the girls in the Chattsworth produced movies come across (no pun intended) and how damn corny porno movies are – mostly the ridiculous stories and mind-boggingly terrible acting. In that regard, Gonzo videos are ok, but the sex in those always feels so disconnected and has that ‘trying to hard’ feeling to it. And don’t even get me started on the background music. Holy crap that stuff is bad, lol.

No, I like my adult content to be Real. I like the fact that the girls in real homemade amateur porn aren’t sucking off 12 dudes in a soundstage with big lights and 20 studio hands sit around and watch. I mean, amateurs are more than welcome to take part in a good old fashioned suck-fest, but doing it commercially just takes away from the whole experience. Now, I do realize that the videos and pictures that are shared on Amateur Sites are there because the girls, boyfriends, or couples together decide to submit them in hopes of getting something out of it, usually cash prizes or free memberships – but it’s not completely commercialized.

One thing that I definitely love about amateur porn, is that ‘you might see the girl next door’ feeling you get from watching this stuff. You know the feeling, especially when you see a thumbnail image or sample and at a glance you think that you saw some hot girl you know in the real world; it’s a crazy adrenaline rush! Unfortunately for me, I have, in fact, been in the position of literally finding a girl I knew on one of these sites. Not just someone I knew, but someone I trusted. Loved. Someone I never expected to see in something like this. That person? My Girlfriend (now EX).

It kinda sucks going through a collection of amateur porn hoping to find someone you recognized with a hot facial on her face, posing with her legs wide open showing off her wet pussy, or just licking some balls, stopping dead in your tracks, and saying “wait….That’s MY GF.” 

Anyhoo, this site is pretty much just dedicated to sharing pictures and videos from any and all homemade amateur porn sites I can find. There will be links to these sites, with greater emphasis put on those with cheap $1 or Free trials because, well, I’ve always believed in ‘try before you buy.’ I’ll try to keep the variety of posts fresh, but honestly, I’m a blowjob and big ass kinda guy, so that’s probably what you’ll get the most of.

Thanks For Reading, and hope you like the site. Bookmark it, I’ll be updating it all the time.


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