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Alexa gets her first creampie!

Alexa gets her first creampie!

19 year old Alexa is an absolute stunner! She’s a tall drink of water clocking in at five-foot ten with legs that never end and an AMAZING ass to match!

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Our boy stepped up to the plate and knocked Alexa’s tight teen pussy straight out of the ballpark! Seriously, Alexa gets absolutely drilled. Just listen to her moan in pleasure when she is bouncing on that thick long dick.

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She has always wanted to a messy creampie pussy, and we were more than happy to give her her first one!

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panties down before sexTalia knows how to service a dick, and we have the video to prove it! Talia got her orgasms first though – as she gets her tight pussy toyed with before her panties come down to reveal a hot and wet vagina just aching for more! She lays back and moans with pleasure as she gets her shaved pussy licked and fingered. After a few minutes she cannot wait to return the favor. Talia sucks a cock

She slides over to the side of the bed land starts teasing the rock hard cock that is waiting for her. She just uses her hands at first but soon has a mouthful of meat, and she couldn’t be any happier. She really knows how to pleasure a dick! She bobs and sucks, taking down every inch that she can before he turns her around to fuck her in the doggystyle position – her favorite! Be sure to check out the preview and watch the rest for the amazing sex that follows and – spoiler alert – a creampie ending!


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So JizzOnMyGF gave us another great update today. I’ve included some pictures for your pleasure, including a few from Mya, who happens to have one of the messier cum facials of the set. Be sure to swing by and check out the site, you’ll get access to thousands of real homemade photos and videos. Yes, thousands. Most of them submitted to JizzOnMyGF by members like you! Chicks like Mya love submitting their photos online for us to vote on and favorite, giving them all that nice warm feeling of accomplishment. Nothing like knowing you’re a dirty thought in men’s minds everywhere, I suppose. No matter the reason they show off these pics, I’m not complaining!


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So it seems like you guys really enjoyed our last post, so today I’ll share another. Sharon is an amateur dirty blonde that loved her first video for so much, that she decided to come back for another! She’s as eager to fuck and it shows. She sucks that cock like it’s the last one on Earth, and loves when he starts fucking her hard from behind. She really enjoys herself here, and honestly, I think she really came back because her boyfriend cheated on her and this is her way of getting him back. I mean, seriously, how better to get even with a cheating boyfriend than to fuck on camera, for the world to see – and then let the guy cum in her pussy. Some women are just plain ruthless, ha!