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Black Booty loves to Tease that Dick

colored babe ready to suck
Teasing, or not?

Sometimes it feels so freaking good to be teased. I mean, honestly, the orgasm that follows a good tease session feels like it erupts from deep within, and seems to keep gushing forever! Allow me to introduce you to Moniqa (pronounced Monica, I think), she really knows how to tease a horny cock. In the video previews, straight from one of  the original (VHS days people) Amateur Porn Companies,


bouncing ass outside
She starts off by stroking a waiting dick, gently massaging it, caring for it as if it held the last drop of cum on earth. She starts getting a little faster, lightly teasing with her wet tongue between caressing and jerking. She then gets up and teases us even more by slowly undressing, unveiling her amazing caramel colored ass, then proceeds to make us want it even more by bouncing it up and down with a nice display of booty-poppin. She comes back to the waiting shaft, and strokes some more, this time rubbing it between her tits, moving her head closer and closer with each jerk. After a bit of teasing, and, in the members area, we finally get to see what all that foreplay has led up to – and it equals a massive load all over her tongue, lips, and tits. Be sure to watch the previews, or Trial the site for Free.