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Alexa gets her first creampie!

Alexa gets her first creampie!

19 year old Alexa is an absolute stunner! She’s a tall drink of water clocking in at five-foot ten with legs that never end and an AMAZING ass to match!

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Be careful not to look too deep into her piercing clear eyes when she’s blowing you – you might end up in love…or cumming too soon!

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Our boy stepped up to the plate and knocked Alexa’s tight teen pussy straight out of the ballpark! Seriously, Alexa gets absolutely drilled. Just listen to her moan in pleasure when she is bouncing on that thick long dick.

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She has always wanted to a messy creampie pussy, and we were more than happy to give her her first one!

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Michelle Loves Anal Sex

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So Michelle is a conservative office chic in the daytime and an absolutely sexually charged being with an insatiable appetite for having things in her anal cavity at night. True Story, according to the bio she wrote over at

It’s girls like this that constantly remind me why I love the great thing that is amateur porn. It’s crazy to think how many pictures and how many videos there are out in the world of sexy neighbors, teachers, nurses, bankers, waitresses, and all women from all walks of life getting drilled, spanked, facialed, analized and any other sexual act we can think of – seriously, it boggles the mind. Sorry, didnt mean to run off on a tangent there, but it just popped in my head like a boner pops in my pants when I see the sexy girls next door and imagine them sucking cock and getting fucked.
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Now, back to Michelle. She’s got a bunch of posts scattered throughout the GF Network. She works in an office during the day and sometimes masturbates at her desk while nobody is watching, and she is sure to snap a few pictures under her desk while she does it, licking her fingers clean afterwards for our enjoyment (She likes to post those at straight from her computer.) After a long day of typing reports, emailing stuff, and dealing with her boring as fuck boss, and being all corporatey and shit, she likes to cut loose and have some fun with her lucky boyfriend. Now this usually entails her sucking him off and getting a facial or two so they can post up at Ahh, the life of a exhibitionist, lol. Her favorite site to post at though, has hands down got to be though. She has a ton of uploads to that site, and she absolutely loves taking it up her tight asshole, and judging by the amount of videos she does it in, does not mind at all going ass to mouth. Be sure to check out all her movies by joining *trial for a buck* MyGFLovesAnal, and you’ll also get access to all the other sites she uploads to with the GFNetwork Pass, enjoy!

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Emma gets some batter in her Pussy…

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sI was checking out one of the newer videos up at and I instantly gave it a 5-Star rating – simply because it has two of my favorite things in it: a woman in the kitchen, and a woman getting fucked in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I also love that Emma can give a blowjob that most men would kill for, and the fact that she isn’t shy about tasting what obviously wasn’t pancake batter with Both sets of lips! I’ve decided to share Emma’s Video Preview here, and hope that when you join you enjoy it at least half as much as I did.


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I guess I should at least let you know about the submission that Emma sent in, huh? Rey was playing around with his new little flip video recorder thing when he decided that he should interrupt Emma Mae while she was cooking some breakfast. I’m pretty sure that whatever she was making already smelled good enough to eat, but Ray couldn’t help himself, a video camera in his hand and an eager pussy in his kitchen sounded like the perfect combination for a new video for, and she totally agreed.

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It didn’t take much for the scene to turn from a sexy homely girlfriend making some food to an all out sex session that involved multiple positions, multiple rooms, and multiple orgasms. Ok, that was corny, I know, but come on, I couldn’t resist! Anyhoo, after cracking a few eggs open, Emma was soon sucking on some, enjoying a hearty serving of her favorite breakfast, Sausage and Eggs! After Emma Mae sucked on his meat stick for a few minutes Ray couldn’t hold back the anticipation of having his cock deep in her tight pussy – he stood her up then bend her over the nearest chair he could find, and proceeded to pound her ass till she Came for the first time that day. Before long they were running the gamut of sexual position, changing them as they moved from room to room. It’s pretty intense seeing the sexy faces Emma made as she Rode Ray’s Rock Hard Cock, licking her pouty lips over and over again until her pussy was filled with hot jizz that she couldn’t help but have a taste of.  I’m telling you, great stuff here! Be sure to check out the video preview, and then Join for the full thing, and a ton more – trials only a buck, or take 3 Months for $20!

Cum Loving Amateurs Share Pics and Vids

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 So today I’ve got for you a variety of amateur pictures and videos from ladies who got nice and lathered up in cum straight from their man’s dicks. Some of them looked surprised at the amount of jizz on their faces, and some of them just plain loved the feeling of having warm, sticky cum on their tongue (see image to the left). And of course, there were a few threesomes that ended with a hot babe licking hot semen off a very shapely ass, a tight asshole, and a pink pussy (see image at right). This is what I love about great amateur porn sites like They have all kinds of women on the site, covered in cum in so many different ways. They’ve got pictures and videos from random babes that send in a few and we never see them again, and they have self-shot submissions from couples that send in new pictures and videos every week!

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There is always fresh content daily, and usually the couples add in a few notes or paragraphs where they either describe themselves or let us know what was going on and what led to them decideing to share their pictures or movies with us. Here’s some insight, most of the time, the hot amateur babe wants to do something naughty, so they decide the best thing to do is post their videos and pictures to amateur sharing sites like Sometimes, it’s the spirit of competition that does it – you get girls that look at other peoples shared porn and decide they could make something hotter. Or the flipside, you get babes that get so turned on by the shared amateurs that they get inspired to make something themselves in turn to try and get others hot and horny. Either way, it’s a Charlie Sheen sized win for us! Couple that with the fact that the site is 100% Downloadable, and they’ve got $1 Dollar Trials, hell – Mega Win!