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Four babes at the beach get dirty

Four babes at the beach get dirty! These BFFS have fun at the beach, taking selfies and flashing when no one is looking!

03-spring-break-picture04-beach-flashers 05-boobs-at-the-beach
The whole set and video is up at! The fun picks up at the hotel room…


After a little while their friend finally arrives – and man is he in for a great time! These four babes spend no time taking off their clothes and dropping to their knees!

07-beach-butts 08-naked-at-the-beach 09-bff-caught-naked 10-spring-break-waves 11-spring-break-ftw 12-bffs-selfie

But all that happens later, for now – Enjoy these beach Bum pictures!
13-booty-bouncing 14-beach-fun 15-pornstar-beach 01-spring-break-bffs

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Amateur red head takes nudes for her girlfriend

Naked amateur red head pictures
Naked Redhead

Amateur red head takes nudes for her girlfriend: Brenda wanted to take some “special pictures” for her girlfriend, and boy are we glad she did! She poses seductively in her shower, playing with her panties and acting innocent as she shows off her perfect tight body. We see her soft light pink nipples, her amazing shaved pussy and her nice round butt! Brenda really knows how to work that camera, as the faces and poses she makes for it are spot on sexy! Watch as she teases her chick and basically begs her to come over and taste her sweet pussy juices. This pierced ginger knows exactly how to work it! Please enjoy these photos as she teases us all, and be sure to join for the whole set where she gets really dirty while cleaning up in the bathtub.
This red head is on fire!

Lesbian Teens Spank on Camera

spanking teen lesbians
Rebecca loves to Spank

I was never really a fan of Lesbian porn until I found amateur lesbians. Then again, I never really liked porn in general until I found out that there were amateur websites out there that thrived on content filmed and photographed by real people like you and me. That obvious fact aside, lesbian adult movies never really did it for me. I guess it’s because I felt like they could go on forever…no ‘moneyshot’ or grand finale…they just..ended. Then something happened. I realized that it wasn’t all about cumshots and facials in the lesbian genre, unlike in the regular straight movies. Yes, they have orgasms and get into just as much, if not more than the straight sex – but this stuff is more about fun, passion, and an unbelievable amount of sex appeal.

I know that was quite the little rant up there, but the point is, fuck. I’m a fan of lesbian sex now. Rebecca and Ryan are an example of why this niche is so damn cool. They started off like many girls that make homemade movies – submitting pictures of themselves having fun, posing in different types of clothes and places. Then naked pictures…then naked pictures together…then Ryan made a solo masturbation video….then Rebecca made one…They submitted a few where they’d give each other a ‘helping hand’ but then on one video…Rebecca just jams her face straight into Ryan’s soaking wet pussy. Jackpot!  It was hot because it delivered a surreal sense of spontaneity – like it was just something she couldn’t help but do. Rebecca just licked and fingered, and made Ryan cum so hard that once I saw this video, I was hooked! They still make and submit their homemade videos, and this is a sample from one of them. Join and watch the whole thing today (You’ll get access to all the sites they’ve submitted to, part of the GF Network), and you’ll be stuck like glue to these hot teen lesbians.

Lesbian Amateurs Licking with Halloween Spirit

licking homemade porn
Treats, No Tricks

Don’t you just love the time around the holidays? It seems that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, and people are just enjoying themselves and having a good time? One of my favorite holidays is Halloween..I mean, seriously, what other day is there that all these girl-next-door types try to find and dress up in the sluttiest outfits they could possibly squeeze in to? Not to mention that Halloween is pretty much just a fun time to begin with – where people are trying to scare the hell out of all these hot babes, usually resulting in us getting to see even more flesh that the costume intends!

Julia loves to lick
Nurse Licking a Devil's Pussy, nice!
For today’s post I decided to share a sample gallery from the hot and bi-sexual co-eds, Rita and Julia, that are shock-full of the Halloween Spirit, sharing their homemade porn pictures at They were at a Halloween Party and decided that the room could use a bit more entertainment once the drinks were flowing and the music was turned up a bit, they went at each other in an exhibiting display of passion. They start off by just teasing each other with their fingers, sliding an index finger around a soft nipple, then rubbing it by each others moist slits. The mood is definitely setting and the juices around their clits are really collecting, as each light pass with their fingers gets firmer and wetter. Julia can’t take much more teasing, and starts making her way south on Rita’s waiting body. By the time that Julia’s light kisses pass her belly button, Rita’s pussy is aching to get attacked by her long and eager tongue. It’s nice to see a horny little She-Devil getting her pussy eaten by a caring Nurse – and there’s even more in the full set up at, be sure to check them out along with a ton of other Halloween themed amateur homemade porn!