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Cherri Caresses her Pink

Teen masturbation
She rubs herself like no one can

So I got an email the other day from a fan, whom I’ll refer to as Logan, that wanted me to share this post about a girl he once dated, named Cherri. Stripper names aside, I asked how long they had dated and how freaky Cherri was in the bedroom (you know, standard information). Turns out that they saw each other for a few years (sophomore year in school) and that they were actually engaged to get married. Cherri was the girl of Logan’s dreams, but apparently, she called off the wedding a few weeks before the big day and told Logan that she just wasn’t ready to settle down. I’d definitely call that an understatement, considering that now she’s here for all of your viewing pleasure. Logan’s a good dude though, he said that no matter what, she’ll always be his first true love and he’ll always have a spot in his heart for her. That’s cool and all, but I’m sure the spot he has for her isn’t exactly in his heart…lol. Below is the description for ya.

“Freshly plucked Cherri could be the apple of anyone’s eye with her young ruddy complexion and supple figure. In this scene, she perches comfortably on a fluffy chair wearing soft cotton panties and a pink top, but it’s not long before her curiosity takes hold, and her dainty fingers begin exploring her shaved pussy. She caresses her womanhood as gently as a virginal newbie can! Cherri even dips a brave digit right into her oiled up asshole. You’ll be surprised how many tiny fingers this little belle can cram in her irresistible twat…”