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College Babe toys with her Butthole

I remember when Anal Sex was kind of a taboo. It was that type of sex that nobody really talked about, and you didn’t bring up with your girl until ‘it just happened.’ Now? Taking a dick in the ass is totally expected of big booty babes! What used to be the holiest of holes is now just another warm and moist place to add some cum. Assfucking and ass playing are referenced in movies, music, tv, and all other forms of pop culture. There are entire sites dedicated to Anal! One of my top favorites?, with that name, there are no doubts what you’re getting, haha!

dildo in her ass
She Loves Toying with her ass (click for vids)

Today I’m highlighting a couple of sample Videos from the, part of the Amaking’s GF Network. It features all you could ask for when it comes to self-shot amateur homemade anal sex toy porn. Whoa, say that five times fast, lol. Anyhoo, it’s a video sent in from Bex, who has a couple of videos on the site (they have contests for hottest vids, we get to see homemade porn, they get to win cash, everyone’s happy!). She’s a college girl, brunette, has a tight body and even tighter looking pussy and she loves to play with her toys. She isn’t one of those quiet solo babes either. She isn’t afraid to moan with pleasure and breathe deep as she thrusts her purple friend into her perfect round ass. Her full video, inside the members area of course (try for $1) runs about 10 minutes, she goes through various positions trying to find that perfect angle for her butthole’s euphoria, and while you’re there, you should check out tons more Anal Sex videos, exclusively at Happy Butt-stuffing!