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While some teens nowadays spend hours and hours and probably days in front of their social media sites, updating profile pictures and statuses, this new Oral Girlfriends addition plays in an entirely different ball game. This amateur chick prefers another type of balls and they belong to her hormone-driven boyfriend.

They are both adventurous teenagers who use time in a more fun way and inside the comfort of their bedrooms. And speaking of bedrooms, it almost always follow that a slutty girlfriend like the one in this video has her computer ready at all times especially when she wanted to do something hot with her pal. She uses her webcam not just for taking all those selfies but for recording her sexual encounters with horny friends. Yes, she’s a slut in a lot of ways, even for a friggin’ teen and you read it right, friends.

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Jodi Taylor will Bone for a Cone

Tony was on his way to a shoot with the lovely Jodi Taylor when she had a sudden craving for an ice cream cone. She asked for one and said that she would give Tony a treat as long as she got her treat first. She said she gives good head, and at 22 years old and that set of dick sucking lips, Tony was ready to find out. Her mouth was ice-cold and, before getting caught in the parking lot, they took the action to the shoot location. Jodis big round booty, hairy pussy and gorgeous smile just made Tony want her more and the moans she made while in that White Tiger position made our boy bust his nut all over that juicy ass!